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Mini-crane is widely used to transport materials in industries where safety, efficiency, speed and economy are of prime importance. It works on a Speed reduction gears & rope winder system. Designed according to Universal standards, it is robust and well dimensioned to meet the most demanding requirements at construction sites.In manufacturing careful attention is paid to calculation, components and quality. Best quality Electrical Components are used. Sales are supported by comprehensive spare parts and after sales service. Our Mini-crane helps to save enormous time compare to climbing up ladders and stairs. Folding structure design assures you carry it to your destination comfortably.

Mini-crane is specially designed for material handling from ground to upper floors or floor to floor or visa versa. This unit being handy, it is easy to shift it by dismantling and reassembling it at desired locations. Lifting Boom is swiveling around 360° on its tripod stand axis. Counter weight is necessary to stack on stand tripod supports to balance the Boom with material load. There are three basic models as per party’s requirements, are as follows

Model No. Capacity Rope length
SE-MC-500 450Kgs. 75 Mtrs.
SE-MC-500E 450Kgs. 130 Mtrs.
SE–MC-1500 1500Kgs. 100 Mtrs.

Technical Specifications. Model: SE / MC / 500 Model: SE / MC / 500 / E Model: SE / MC / 1500
Lifting Power in Kgs. 500 500 1500
Lifting Speed 18-22 Mtrs / Minute 18-22 Mtrs / Minute 8-12 Mtrs / Minute
Length of Wire 75 Mtrs 130 Mtrs 100 Mtrs
Wire rope diameter Ø 8mm Ø 8mm Ø 12 mm
Cable rupture Load 2686 2686 7686
Motor Power Rating 3 HP, 3Phase 5 HP, 3Phase 7.5 HP/960 RPM,3Ph.
Rotation Radius 360 Degrees 360 Degrees Fixed Point 0 Degrees
Horizontal Movement With trolley wheels (extra on request) With trolley wheels (extra on request) On Fixed I-Tracks
Counter Weight 1500 Kgs 1500 Kgs 3000 Kgs

Our Minicrane is used for Glazing, Façade & Structural work, Composite panel lifting, for fire fighting material handling, for POP material handling, waterproofing material handling horticulture & Vertical Garden stuff handling, for under ground & basement material handling and many more stuff pulling purposes.

We have these different models with different Specification available.

Model No. Lifting Capacity Wire Rope Motor Travel Speed Boom Position
SE/MC/500 450 Kgs. Max. 75 Mtrs.x8mm 3HP x 4P 18 to 22 Meters/Minute 360 Rotation
SE/MC/500/E 450 Kgs 130Mtrs.x8mm 5HP x 4P 18 to 22 Meters/Minute 360 Rotation
SE/MC/500/ES 450 Kgs 75Mtrs.x8mm 3HP x 6P 11 to 14 Meters/minute 360 Rotation
SE/MC/500/ES 450 Kgs 130Mtrs.x8mm 3HP x 6P 12 to 16 Meters/minute 360 Rotation
SE/MC/1000 950Kgs. Max. 100Mtrs.x12mm 7.5HP x 4P 6 to 12 Meters/Minute Fixed non-Rotate
SE/MC/1000E 950Kgs. Max. 100Mtrs.x12mm 5HP x 6P 4 to 9 Meters/Minute Fixed non-Rotate
SE/MC/2000 1500 Kgs. 100Mtrs.x 14mm 10HP x 6P 6 to 13 Meters/minute Fixed non-Rotate

Why Only Shreeji Make Minicranes ?

  • Due to indigenous & Compact Structure design it can be used universally as per client’s need.
  • Easy & light weight to lift & Shift & transport in small vehicle.
  • Dosen’t occupy more space to store when idle.
  • User friendly operation & easy maintenance due to provision of four indicatorts to find the electrical fault.
  • Our whatsup call provides guidance through live visual support for all the queries raised by the clients.
  • All spare parts & after sales paid services available on call.
  • If needed third Party Inspection can be arranged by us by making the payment of authorized agency.
  • All fasteners are used as per necessary grades & all bought out items are of high quality standards, for which we can produce Valid Test Certificates provided by our Vendors.

Shreeji Engineers was established in 1985 and has more than decade experience in manufacturing machineries and are pioneer in manufacturing Minicranes which are widely used in construction field for vertical lifting material. . .

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